To find your wag or discover your mess? You’ve come to the right place!


We are crazy about companion animals. So crazy, we have created a content-rich pet site. Whose name is www.todaysanimals.com among which you will get thousands of pages of content?

Who are we

Headquartered in Jaipur, India, our collective experience includes raising dogs and cats, writing about them, rescuing them, teaching them, falling in love with them and breaking our hearts. So it is not surprising. That our sites have become the number one place for humans searching for information about pets.

As our websites have grown, a dedicated network of animal lovers has spread around them. Our community gives todaysanimals.com a collective reach of many monthly unique visitors. To mention all our fans on social media.

So we understand this. That we work with the biggest advertisers in the pet world. They want to reach emotional pets. And they’ve got it!

Expert advice and recommendations

Need advice on the best toys, food, or supplies for an alcoholic? Trust Dogtime to check out the latest products in the pet market. From training behaviors to eco-friendly beds to gadgets and accessories, we found reviews on both Must-Have and Weight-for-Sale items.

And if it requires your behavior, training, or adoption guidance, then help is here. We have articles and interviews with expert trainers, behaviorists, and veterinarians, as well as pet parents, volunteers, and rescuers.

Before you know it Spike will bring the newspaper!

Making a Difference

At Dogtime and CatTime, we are committed to helping adoptable animals and the rescue community.

In addition to providing dog and cat owners with all the information they need to live a happy and healthy life with their pets, we also attend and cover pet donation events, brightening the spotlight on notable nonprofit organizations Who help dogs and cats, and maintain a strong community of people who animals on our Save the Dog and Save the Cat Facebook page Want to save.

Finally, for all families looking for a new addition. , We offer an Adoptable Dog and Adoptable Cat Frying Facility. Which helps people locate adoptable animals in their area. It can show you more adopted pets than the average dog. Those who can take embryos.

This is our story and we could not be more proud or excited. What started with the idea of an informative website has grown to become huge – a supportive, interactive, pet-loving community and a network dedicated to creating a better life for companion animals.

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