Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound
Afghan Hound

Size- Medium
Height- 25 to 27 inches tall
Weight- 50 to 60 pounds
Coat- Long
Energy- High

Activities- Agility, Conformation, Lure Coursing, Racing

The Afghan Hound has a happy temperament and is an excellent family companion pet. Which resides in the family-like members. Its beauty captivates the mind.


The Afghan hound doesn’t just look regal. He has a magnificent air and an independent nature. Despite this, it is sweet. Even he can be a fool sometimes – even when he is in the form of a puppy. The Afghan hound is very loyal to its immediate human family. , But can trick guests coming into the house.
As an active breed, Afghans require a lot of practice and adequate nutrition to fuel their high energy levels. To hunt
To breed and chase prey visually, this lighthouse has a strong tendency to walk after anything as prey. Even with frequent training, it is not advisable to walk Afghan off-leash. Outdoor play areas should have a high, secure fence. They need a lot of space to run at full speed to burn off the pent-up energy.

Feature of Afghan Hound

Afghans have an athletic body, with the hipbone elevated. Characteristics of this unique breed do not mean the dog is underweight.

Instead, the hips pivot the joints, which gives them the ability to quickly cover a lot of ground and easily overcome obstacles. Their large claw pads serve as shock absorbers, protecting their joints from harsh terrain.

Life span- 12 to 14 years

Color’s of Afghan Hound

The Afghan hound comes in a range of different colors, including black, black and silver, black and tan, blue, blue and cream, red, silver or white. Afghans may also have markings such as a black mask, brindle, brindle black mask, brindle domino or domino.


Although they require more grooming than other breeds, this long-indulged breed does not flow very much. Afghan puppies require less maintenance, thanks to their short coat. The long coat that develops during adolescence needs to be regularly groomed.

Daily brushing helps to keep coat-tangled and matte-free and removes dirt and debris. Regular bathing is also needed.

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Afghan Hound Health

Afghan hounds have lower body fat reserves than other breeds, which makes them more susceptible to anesthesia. Experts recommend finding an experienced vet with an eighth if your afghan needs surgery.

Their deep chest increases the risk of sudden, frequent and often fatal swelling of the abdomen.

The screen of breeders responsible for hip, eye and thyroid problems. Long hanging ears of Afghans increase the risk of ear infections.

Best Dog Food for Afghan Hounds and Papies
Active breeds such as the Afghan Hound can benefit from high-protein dog food to support their high energy levels.

If you have an Afghani puppy, look for puppy food prepared with the necessary nutrients to support your growth and development in the first year of life.

Explore all our dried dog food products here. For more information on how or when to feed your Afghan dog or puppy, see our feeding articles.


The Afghan hound dog is one of the oldest purebreds. So old, in fact, that it was developed thousands of years ago when written records were kept.

The breed has its origins in the regions of Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan, but it is impossible to pinpoint an exact region due to its long history.

The Afghans were companions of the aristocratic hill states of Asia. They hunted large prey, both in the desert and in the mountains. They were prized for their ability to hunt without human direction.

However, stability in ancient Eastern cultures, Afghan hounds were not discovered by Western cultures until the 1800s. British officials who traveled home from the far reaches of the British Empire brought the breed back to Europe with them.

By the 1900s, the Afghan hounds were the breed of choice among Britain’s upper classes. The American Kennel Club (AKC) first registered the breed in 1927, but it did not gain popularity in the US until the 1930s. The Afghan Hound won the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in 1957 and again the Best Show in 1983.

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  • The long, flowing coat of Afghans protected them from the harsh desert and mountainous climate where they originated.
  • As the eighth stage, Afghans have panoramic vision and their unique hips provide astonishing motion to the joints. These traits allow them to easily locate and chase their prey.
  • Pablo Picasso’s statue of his Afghan hound, Kabul, is located at the Delhi Plaza in Chicago.
  • Picasso, a 1962 painting by Fame Au Chien, features an Afghan hound. In 2012, the painting sold for over $ 10 million.
  • When the beauty of Barbie’s Afghan Hound was introduced, the breed’s popularity increased in the US.
  • The earliest cloned dog was an Afghan hound, named “Snoopy” in 2005.
  • One of the first Afghan hounds brought to America belonged to Zeppo Marx of the Marx Brothers in 1926